I am an Art Director and Designer based in Barcelona, I started working in Colombia in a multinational lingerie company as a graphic and fashion designer, after learning some of my skills I decided to move to Barcelona for studying and moving across new and different universes of design.

My different skills allow me to have a wide angle and perspective of design. My work now is to create aesthetic universes and creative concepts applicable to fashion, advertising, editorial and video projects. Make ideas into a tangible and plastic realities where to tell a story, communicate a message or a brand.

Work in different levels and fields, let me design an overview of the projects, taking care for all the visual aspects and style. I’m organized, I’m passionate, I love learning and I learn from everything I do.

Services provided:

Creative concepts / Art direction / Photo art direction / Brand identity / Strategic Communication / Graphic design / Illustration / Textile design / Editorial design / Web design / Trend research  / Video screenplay / Social media content / Communication consultancy.